Review of Best Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron 10 blood pressure monitor is our top choice because of several traits it possesses. First, has already combined with the latest technology to provide the user proper tracking. It has the capability to store 100 of your blood pressure readings and you could even connect it to your smartphone allowing you more storage capacity. You just have to sync it by using your smartphone’s Bluetooth Smart Technology and you will be able to transfer the data that you need on your next doctor’s appointment. This will also make sure that you are able to verify your progression over time, and you could also directly email your readings to either your physician or family members if you make use of the mobile app.

When it comes to accuracy, the Omron 10 enables you to take three readings simultaneously with one minute interval and will display the average of that period, this will further verify the accuracy of your results. This blood pressure device has an arm cuff that could fit standard and large arms which is around 9” to 17”, it comes with a built in storage case so you will not have to think of where you should place it for protection.

Your blood pressure readings are displayed in a monitor with multi-color indicator lights; wherein if you get a green light it means that your blood pressure is normal, but if you are hypertensive, the lights will be orange. 

There is also a blood pressure level bar, this will indicate a comparison of your readings to the normal blood pressure level. The display has extra-large digits and built in backlights for ease of reading. This device could monitor the blood pressure of 2 persons with 100 readings each, which would surely be great for couples who are planning to monitor each other’s health. When it comes to powering the device, an AC adapter is included in the package but you could also make use of 4 AA batteries if you want mobility.


Pressure Accuracy: ±3 mmHg or 2 %

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Dimension: 71 x 70 x 41 inches

Power Source:  AC Adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)



-Smart Easy-Wrap ComFit 

-Cuff (fits upper arms 9"-17")

-Multi-color indicator lights

-BP level bar

What we like about the Omron 10 

  • Easy to use and read
  • handy app for charting results
  • cuff fits large arms
  • two people can share the device and store results separately