Review of Best Personal EKG Monitor

AliveCor® KardiaMobile 6L is the personal EKG that works with your smartphone and fits easily into your pocket. Take unlimited EKGs anytime, anywhere without applying wires, or patches.

After a 30-second EKG, you’ll know if your heart rhythm is normal or if Atrial Fibrillation is detected. AFib is one of the most common arrhythmia's, and a leading cause of stroke.


What we like about the KardiaMobile 6L

  • Track and Share:  Kardia’s app-based service proactively cares for the health of your heart. Now you can capture reliable heart activity data and relay it to your doctor to inform your diagnosis and treatment plan.   Share detailed 6-lead EKGs with your doctor for an even better view of your heart. 

  • More than EKG's:  Kardia allows you to easily track palpitations, shortness of breath, dietary habits, sleep and exercise patterns.

  • Expert Analysis:  Kardia offers instant EKG analysis (using FDA-cleared machine learning algorithms), and consultations with board-certified cardiologists, so it’s easy to know whether heart rhythm is normal or in atrial fibrillation.